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  1. Rose City Label: Portland, Oregon’s Premier Expert Label Providers

    Rose-City-Label_2015_Feature_since-1928We help Northwest food, beverage, and manufacturing companies build their brands and sell more products. We take away the headache of label engineering and material selection so they get the right product at a fair price. We do what it takes to meet their needs. We stay in touch with them throughout the process to make sure every client feels important.


  2. 1. Food & Beverage


    This has always been a major focus – small batch gourmet sauce, salsa, coffee, nut butters and kombucha are all important to us. We thoroughly understand nutrition facts and can refer co-packers to help your business grow.


  3. 2. Beer, Wine & Spirits


    This is our fastest growing segment. We print for over 50 craft breweries and dozens of wineries. Our relationships with mobile bottlers give us a full service solution for all your beer, wine, and spirits needs.

  4. 3. Personal Care & Supplements


    Vitamins and lotions require great looking labels to pop on the shelf, but they also have to be protected from damage from oils and other ingredients. We have the material expertise to recommend the right solution for a beautiful, functional supplement or cosmetic label.

  5. 4. Promotional


    Your event or cause needs a voice. You need a platform to spread your message and build your brand – labels at events, trade shows, and in your shop can be a big part of that. They can help your customers remember their visit to your store or event, and we have the materials and flexible size options to build your brand. Low minimum orders.

  6. 5. Industrial & Security


    Keeping your customers safe and teaching them to use your product is serious business. We offer all types of QR codes, barcodes, warning and instruction labels for harsh environments. If you have a serious message to communicate, we can help.

  7. 6. Out of the Ordinary, Custom


    As the oldest label company in the Northwest by 40 years, we have really seen it all. Dielectric mylar insulators for electronics, polyester barriers for cellular research, and die cut protective labels to protect young tree branch buds from browsing deer – we have very deep experience with all types of label applications. Please bring us your new, innovative, crazy projects.

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Rose City Label, New Projects, Portland, Oregon, Scott PillsburyWith an average length of employment of 12 years at Rose City Label in Portland, Oregon, we have the most experienced service and production team in the industry. Call us today so we can help you untangle the web of label technology. We can help!

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